• Supports your immune system
  • Supports joint mobility
  • Scavenges free radicals
  • Increased energy 
Learn more about how Fucoidan can benefit you based on 1,700 scientific studies at pubmed.gov
  • Promotes increased stem cell mobilization
  • Helps protect the skin
  • Greater sense of health and wellness
  • Helps reduce oxidative stress 


Fucoidan is a sulfated polysaccharide and complex carbohydrate found in the cell walls of the seaweed, that’s proven to contain life-sustaining and immune-supporting properties, with over 1,700 independent, third-party, unsolicited scientific research studies confirming its benefits.

Our proprietary extract is 4 times more powerful than Curcumin and 9 times more powerful than Resveratrol, both widely-revered antioxidants. Hence, why Fucoidan has drawn the attention of the scientific and medical communities in a big way, as most of those studies were conducted in just the last 30 years. Learn more about the unique benefits and findings, which are available for public review in the U.S. National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health, better known as PubMed.

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From the depths of the world’s most pristine waters, through a proprietary, chemical-free extraction process, LIMU harvests Fucoidan – the supernutrient found in limu seaweed and the main ingredient in all of our ultra-premium products. It powers the LIMU Experience as the driving force in our Promoters’ success.

With a vision to help people live better and make it to Friday, LIMU Founder, President and CEO Gary J. Raser made it his mission to make a difference with this powerful superfood. He started LIMU to help people pay their bills, not cure the world’s ills, and today he’s credited with pioneering a unique network marketing company with a culture of shared motivation, inspiration and transformation – a company unlike any other. View the LIMU story Here 

At LIMU, Customers spend money and Promoters earn money.


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By purchasing a FTP, you’re literally opening a business in a box—packed with all the products, free tools and training you need to succeed, including your own personal website and online store, Back Office to track the numbers, LIMU Share Mobile Prospecting App, LIMU University Virtual Training Center, LIMU Post Custom Graphics Generator, powerful marketing videos, exciting social media resources, world-class Member Services support and so much more.  


*LIMU does not guarantee your success, income or results. An individual’s success depends on his or her own effort, dedication and skill.

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I began to understand that LIMU was a way to create the life I had so longed for: a life of freedom and health, and a life shared alongside those I love.
When the LIMU Experience was shared with me, I saw the opportunity to share and build with others. To live with others every day in the best and worst of times. To build a team that had an impact on more than just a few people in South Dakota. I’ve had help from many people in this company who didn’t even know me a year ago. They believe in me just like I believe in my team. Thank you, Gary Raser and LIMU for creating this arena where people like me can WIN every day we choose to.
The LIMU Experience brings hope that better health is possible and that financial freedom is attainable for many families. Today, we have the time we always wanted to spend as a family.
Not only have we seen our income increase from our teacher salaries, but we've seen our children grow up in an enviroment that teaches them awesome life lessons such as stepping out of your comfort zone and working hard to go after your dreams even when others try to talk you out of it.



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